This year’s Health, Safety & Environmental Congress will bring together some of the leading HSE Professionals to showcase and discuss some of the key challenges across multiple industries in the United Kingdom. The highly engaging program across two days will piece together topics around Safety Culture, Behavioural Safety, Digital Transformation, Risk Management & Operational Effectiveness, Future Technologies and much more. Stricter regulations and the focus on reducing the number of incidents means HSE professionals need to continue to educate, thought-lead and keep up with the pace of change within their industry. The HSE congress will provide a content-based platform of Keynotes, Panels, Workshops and Roundtables, all built into two exciting days in the luxurious and breath-taking surroundings of the De Vere Cotswold Water Park Hotel. Network with like-minded professionals to support your current strategic objectives. Attendance will give you the chance to learn how best to implement, build and buy the right solutions and technologies that are at the forefront of HSE improvement in the United Kingdom.




Workshop 1: 

The Secret of Safety: Strengthening the Resilience Potentials 

Hosted by: Erik Hollnagel

Workshop 2: 

Health and Wellbeing | Helping Employees Live better

Hosted by: Enhesa

Workshop 3: 

Sheep Dips and Cattle Prods


Hosted by: Bob Cummins

Workshop 4: 

Innovative Technology for Improved EHS Performance

Hosted by Gensuite

Workshop 5: 

Human Factors: Identifying and Controlling Brain-Centred Hazards

Hosted by: DEKRA

Workshop 6: 

Boot Room to Boardroom | Resilience & Culture

Hosted by: Leon Lloyd

Workshop 7: 

DNA of a Champion


Hosted by: Sir Clive Woodward

Workshop 8: 

Organisational Drift – “Human Error or Custom and Practice?”

Hosted by: Paradigm HP

Workshop 9: 

State of Mind – Mental Health and Well-being Using the Power of Sport

Hosted by: Danny Sculthorpe

Workshop 10: 

Tackling Presenteeism


Hosted by: Lawrence Waterman OBE

Workshop 11: 

Hand Protection is Changing (EN12492 Vs EN397)

Hosted by Centurion Safety

Closing Workshop: 

Jason Anker
Anker & Marsh


Roundtable 1:

Where Technology Meets Risk – Digitalization of Risk Management.

More Information:

2020 is poised to be one of the most significant years for risk management. The pace of technological change is accelerating. Risk management must become fully digitalized to keep pace with technology-driven performance improvement. This is significantly changing the way companies manage risk.

Damstra Technology are a global leader in providing companies with time-saving and effective solutions to manage, keep track of and protect workers and ensure a safe and compliant workforce. Damstra’s solution delivers an integrated, digital platform for Workforce Management, Asset Management, Access Control, Learning Management and HSE Risk Management.

Join us to find out more about how technology is driving the digitalization of risk management.

Roundtable 2:

 Implementing Safety Improvements Across Your Fleet.

More Information:

Road accidents are one of the leading causes of fatalities at work. Running a safe fleet, therefore, is hugely important both for your drivers and for your business. But what’s the best way to optimise safety and ensure you’re doing the best you can?

Join the Masternaut roundtable for unique insight and a practical discussion on implementing safety improvements across your fleet. We’ll talk about:

  • How best to engage drivers in a safety improvement programme
  • The tools available to you to support improvements in safety
  • How to measure progress and the KPIs that should be tracked

The session will be hosted by Jonathan Smith, Corporate Sales Director, and Mike Hemming, UK Catalytix Director, both of whom have lots of experience working with fleets on bespoke projects to improve safety and will share what they consider to be best practices across the Masternaut customer base. Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions and share their own learnings from safety initiatives they’ve participated in, meaning the whole group will benefit from shared fleet knowledge.

Roundtable 3:

The Hidden Cost Of Substance Misuse In The Workplace…Can You Afford To Ignore It? 


More Information:

It’s been reported that up to 3 million workers in the UK (3% of the total UK workforce) go to work under the influence of substances annually.

In 2018 UKAT (UK Addiction Treatment) revealed statistics showing 40% of industrial accidents arelinked to substance misuse with an escalated cost to employers of a combined value of £36bn a year.

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) mandates that all employers have a legal duty to protect employees health, safety and welfare,  This extends out to ‘understanding signs of drug and alcohol misuse will help you to manage health and safety risks in your workplace, develop a policy to deal with drug and alcohol related problems and support your employees’.

Join our Eurofins Workplace Drug Testing team as we lead a round table discussion looking at statistics, signs and symptoms of drugs misuse and approaches to implement effective policies.


Roundtable 4:

Accelerate Safety & Operational Performance through an Integrated Solution

More Information:

Key takeaways

  • Efficiency through a single system
  • Reports based on Real-Time data
  • Data-driven analytical Reports
  • Off-Line Inspection/ Audits
Roundtable 5:

Drug & Alcohol Safe Workplace 


More Information:

Join us for an interactive roundtable session in partnership with Thames Water. 

We take a practical look at how companies manage the risk and day to day running of an effective drug & alcohol testing programme.

Understand the view from a client and supplier perspective around the issues caused by substance misuse and the potential consequences. 

We will discuss several real-life examples and how you can address the challenges associated to substance misuse within your organisation and achieve a safe, healthy, productive and admired workplace.

Roundtable 6:

Correctly Leveraging Online Traning Into Your Fleet Safety Program


More Information:

Online training has the potential to offer the most flexible, bespoke solution to any organization, but particularly to those with large, global fleets. However, some still view online training as less effective, too simplistic, or simply not a good fit for their company. Using real-world examples, Alertdriving will demonstrate first how to correctly identify both the key factors and operational constraints that someone looking to improve their safety program must consider, then how to correctly design an online solution that can augment your current program and achieve real results.

Roundtable 7:

Leverage The Latest Technology To Create A Friction Less Reporting Culture

More Information:

One of the many benefits IOT and advances in technology has brought to EHS is the concept of accessing systems while mobile or remote working. 

Explore how social media, IoT4, mobile and digital technologies can be leveraged to break down reporting barriers. See how different platforms combined with the right technology can increase reporting efficiencies from power users and fringe users to members of the public.  

Discuss how to identify what the right technology, frequency and content is in delivering EHS communication alert notifications.  

Roundtable 8:

 What is the new role of manufacturers amidst a fast-changing and evolving work environment 

More Information:

As a manufacturer, we are regularly launching new products adapted to suit increasing complex, technical and demanding environments evolution of work environment with news risks.

As a manufacturer, how-to guide HSE managers in choice? How to establish a ranking of risks? How do manufacturers adapt their research and development?

People are looking for more and more technical products: products protecting people but also taking care of their health (what’s the interest of wearing a cut-resistant glove that irritates your skin ? Or a glove that is so stiff that you don’t wear it ? or doesn’t respond to a digital working environment?).


 3 key take-ways

Wonder Grip Redefining Hand Protection with:

  • Research
  • Development
  • Innovation
Roundtable 9:

Meditation, Mindfulness & Manifestations – The Power of Threedom

Hosted by:                                                              Paul Clark, HSE Global Series



More Information:

We face turbulent times from which the demand on us to deliver on a multitude of exercises all at once and deliver optimum performance in life and at work. Manage ourselves, manage our time, manage our problems our worries then ensure we are working faster, better. The demands are increasing, the tasks are building, and our clock time is getting shorter and shorter by the day.  The results from all this, worry, stress, risk of injury and mental illness. We have become bulimic of the brain Constantly ingesting information via technology.  So, what are our options??  Have a holiday, talk to your friend and/or relative about your problems, see a doctor, be prescribed meds, be signed off until you feel rested and better so basically band-aid and elevate the problem until it comes back to haunt you 6 months later with vengeance. So, we except our fate and basically keep going on until the bitter ends until you injure yourself and or others, induce depression, crippling anxiety, unhappiness and possibly death.

It doesn’t have to be that way for you or your employees. Here’s the good news… it’s an exciting time to be alive as neuroscience is catching up with what these Indian dudes have been saying these 6,000 years. We can now prove that meditation is good for you.  Mindfulness is good for focus and being right here right now. And you manifest your dreams by simply asking for it as you would ask for something over the counter with purpose.

In this session we will go through the spiritual power of three, three steps to acceptance and understanding and then your spiritual toolbox from I will discuss the mechanics and science behind the three spiritual healing areas of Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifestation.  In the UK alone, there were 0.6 million stress, anxiety and mental illness cases in the last 12 months. And this is increasing. It doesn’t have to be this way if we can adopt these ancient archaic principles into our lives. 

Dinner Keynote

DNA of a Champion

Sir Clive Woodward

Former England Rugby Head Coach

Former Director of Sport at British Olympic Association

Founder & Chairman of Hive Learning

Speakers Include:


Senior Professor of Patient Safety




Former Rugby League Player, Mental Health Public Speaker


Ambassador & Business Mentor



Head of Advice and Practice


Group Head of Health and Safety




Founding Director

Keynote Panels:

Day 1 – Human Performance Panel

Moderated by Anna Keen – Acre Frameworks

Sebastian Blair


James Pomeroy

Lloyds Register

Diane Chadwick-Jones


Teresa Swinton

Paradigm Human Performance

Gerry Mulholland


Day 2 – Diversity in Safety

Moderated by Anna Keen – Acre Frameworks

Simon Bown

KeolisAmey Docklands

Ruth Denyer


Velma Baptiste-Destouche

British American Tobacco

Stephanie  Camm

Unite Students

Diane Chadwick-Jones


Jonathan Gawthrop

Director of Health Safety & Wellbeing

Day 2 – Challenger Panel

Moderated by Anna Keen – Acre Frameworks

Anna Keen

Acre Frameworks

Duncan Spencer


Lawrence Waterman

British Safety Council

Clive Johnson


Steven Naylor

The Health and Safety Executive

Venue Information

De Vere, Cotswold Water Park Hotel

Lake 6, Spine Road, South Cerney, GL7 5FP


Supporting Senior Decision Makers

drive HSE Improvement